Robert Peres Consulting is a communications advisory working cross-border between the United States and Europe, especially Germany. Our industry focus spans the areas of foreign investment, funds, real estate, PE and financial industry. We advise our clients in crisis and litigation PR as well as help law firms market their practices internationally. Pricipal Robert Peres, a German-American attorney with 25 years experience in high stakes communications, directly works with clients involved in investigations, high profile shareholder litigation and other special situations, such as hostile takeovers, bankruptcy proceedings and regulatory threats. We work at the specific interface of law and communications. This makes Robert Peres Consulting unique and a valuable asset for our clients.


Specialist communications for complex legal issues is our core competence. Business transactions are often accompanied by legal problems that frequently collide head-on with stakeholder interests or have the potential to tarnish the reputation of companies and managers. It is therefore fundamentally important for management and legal departments to consider the media consequences of corporate legal actions, to think them through, and to place them with clients as a potential, risk-exacerbating problem. The same is true in reverse for communicators. Successful communication requires a strong understanding of the associated legal implications. Hedging public outreach, whether defensively or proactively, with relationship-buidling in government and politics increases the chances for success of any given project.


For the past 25 years Robert Peres has successfully advised clients in matters of strategic communications and has acquired specific expertise in the following areas:

Class actions and shareholder litigation

Corporate and financial crises

Litigation PR

Restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, change of control

Special situations, hostile takeovers

Chapter 11 and bankruptcy proceedings

Corruption cases, internal investigations (FCPA, UK Bribery Act)

Stakeholder communications